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Shooting Stars: Ages 2-7. Students will be introduced to beginner basketball fundamentals such as dribbling, passing and shooting. We focus on confidence building, skill development, participation, teamwork, hand/eye coordination and most importantly FUN! Fill out Form based on age group!

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Individual Training: Come train with our Elite Trainers and bring your game to the NEXT level! Fill out the form based on your availability and MBC will try to accommodate all schedules! Our head trainers: Tyc Snow, Kristina Blais, & Troy Barnies

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Small Group Training: Come train in small, competitive groups with our Elite Head Trainers and bring game to the NEXT level! Fill out the form based on your availability and any potential groupmates and MBC will try to accommodate all schedules! Groups of 2-5 players. 

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Regular Classes: Ages 8-17 Fill out Form for Fall 2022 Grade! New topics/skills covered/built upon every week! Ball handling, defense, agility, shooting, passing, in-game situations, etc. Everything you need to level up your game. You will be placed with your age and/or skill base. Spots are limited to enhance the experience and create more hands-on opportunities. We will create more classes as these fill. 

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Elite HS/MS Class: For scholarship seeking athletes and invite only players due to high intensity and skillset. Inquire to join or fill out form if approached by staff!

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Shooting 101: The art of Shooting taught by Frank Perry, covering both the basics and advanced shooting exercises!

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Friday Night Pickup: 2 levels of play but open runs on Friday nights to put your training to use! Fill out the form based on level of competition sought after!

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Saturday Youth League: Our championship environment inspires the youth to bring their “A” game, learn how to compete, work together, and get more in-game experience. Each player will develop the ultimate confidence as they learn to go head to head with their opponents. Learn proper game play and how to properly compete. Will have even playing time and refereeing to teach players every aspect of competitive play!

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August Summer Camp: Summer camp at the Maine Basketball Club is an experience that each camper will remember for a lifetime. Our state of the art training facility and dedicated staff, create an environment that allows each camper to develop and learn the fundamentals of the game. We take pride in providing a fun and engaging experience. Half Day Camp from 8AM – 12PM or Full Day Camp from 8AM – 4PM Monday – Thursday August 8th-11th. MORE INFO COMING SOON!!!

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